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Name:Regina / Evil Queen
Birthdate:Jul 5, 1977
Location:Storybrooke, Maine, United States of America
Website:mun and muse are over the age of 18 - Face Claim

Not Regina or Lana Parrilla.

RP journal. I do not make any money at this.

Have you ever considered that, perhaps, maybe, I am good? I was always the Queen, it was you who added "Evil" to my name.

RP Journal
Regina Mills / Evil Queen - Once Upon a Time
aim/thread available

Journal will contain adult themes

Name: Regina Mills / Evil Queen
Age: "Regina" was born in July of 1977 - appears 36 years of age. In truth, she is much older and has aged very well. Magic has its many gifts.

In Fairy Tale land, the Evil Queen is a beautiful, terrifying woman who was as menacing as she was captivating to the eye. She is the nemesis to Snow White and Prince Charming. Determined to have her vengeance, she used her dark powers to enact a curse, one that sent everyone to Storybrooke, Maine. There, Regina played mother to Henry and was the only one with a recollection of what had happened. Until Emma arrived, breaking the curse and returning everyone's memories to them. With her arrival, Henry also found his real mother, something that broke Regina's small, but very real heart.

The Queen wasn't always dark and evil. A child of her dark past and dictating mother, her heart died with the death of a stable boy she loved long ago. He was not good enough, according to her mother. In that moment, she chose a darker path, being taught magic by the Dark One and vowing to never love again. If she didn't love, she couldn't be hurt. Something happened though. Something she never expected. Henry. The only good thing in her life, Henry taught her that she did still have a heart and she could, maybe, love again.

Even with all the bumps in the road, the Queen still proves that she has a heart, even if she is forced into admitting it. From her mother, Cora, attempting to take everything from her and Peter Pan kidnapping Henry, she still stayed strong. Despite her struggles, she has been able to control her temper and found that she can evven work together with Snow and the Prince. They may not always agree, but having a common enemy has been a good bonding agent for Regina.

With everything that has happened, the Queen has tried hard to forget the one thing she doesn't want to think about the most. Love. Loving means letting someone in and possibly getting hurt. That's a risk that she's not ready or willing to take. But what will happen if love decides she has no choice in the matter?

Hook/Evil Queen ship:

Regina can't deny the feelings that she has for Hook. The rogue pirate is someone she has worked with before. A foe or an ally, she's never really sure about him. The bickering and bantering is something she enjoys. She likes that he's dark, like her, not some sweet and innocent hero. He's real. He has his own agenda, like she does. She believes she is less likely to be hurt by him, something that might fool her in the end.

Robin/Evil Queen ship:

Back in Fairy Tale land, she was foolish enough to let Tinkerbell steal some fairy dust and tell her who her true soul mate is. Although she believed she could never love again after her sweet stable boy, Tink argued otherwise. In doing so, she saw the man that was her true love, the one with the lion tattoo on his arm. Although Tink told her to go in, she lied, running away and never knowing what she could have had.

Now, while trying to find the wicked witch, she has found him. The man with the tattoo she thought she would never see again. The tension between them was clear, so much that she ran before she could do something stupid. She can't tell him how she feels, because honestly she isn't sure. A part of her wishes she could just have that love with him, while another thinks it's too late for that. Is it?

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